Optimized Water Savings with Digital Timers

Proper water management is key to getting cost savings in irrigation. At Agave Environmental we implement an efficient and established water plan that will save you in landscape water use. Implementing our suggestions will give the community cost savings over time that can be used in other special projects. Irrigation is largely dependent on climate, plant type, and irrigation system efficiency. Having this plan in place will provide saving benefits by reducing the need for maintenance, fertilizer application, and fuel use.

Proper irrigation design is important for efficient usage for landscape watering. It is a critical component in providing potential water savings. New technologies have improved irrigation performance, that can save  communities 20%-50% in water usage.* Several new controllers have been introduced that not only recognize moisture readings, but provide us with detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reports. These can include water distribution per plant and sprinkler type. We have access to all these advanced systems and will work with Anthem to determine if Weather Trak is the right system for Anthem.   

Along with an efficient irrigation system, we combine the old tried and true ways of water reduction along with using new methods with technology to save water. Some of the time-tested methods include reduced turf areas, regrading slopes and hydro zoning plant material with similar water needs. We also suggest increasing mulch (granite is mulch) and adding shade trees. These are just a few ways that save your community money.

Irrigation Assessment & Water Optimization Check

Assessing the Anthem’s irrigation system is the first important part of starting any water management plan. We will assess what your irrigation system is currently doing and fixing the most important item repairs right away. We will be looking at the community’s current controllers and determine if upgrading the system is the right option. If the board feels the new irrigation system would be beneficial, we will have a detailed plan on how we will implement it. Having all the reports will save the community water by eliminating waste in water and reducing water runoff.

If the board feels that upgrading the current system is not the right option for Anthem, we will still do what we can to create a water savings plan for the community. We will provide a full assessment within 90 days of receiving the contract. The board and Agave will be aware of all the repairs that need to be finished now, or in the future. We will also provide a GPS map of the current irrigation system.

Digital Irrigation Alerts

One of the beautiful things about the new advanced timers is the alerts that we receive daily. The alerts let us know what is happening with the system and puts them in priority to determine what is the most important alert and what can wait until the next time we visit. This is also a beneficial feature for board members who are constantly having to approve emergency repairs reported by the homeowners when the repair can wait and be billed normally. The alerts are sent to the central computer at our office, where we have a dedicated person, analyzing these alerts daily. They are also set up to come to the irrigation technician’s phone and to the account manager responsible for the community. There are three different ways for us to monitor irrigation emergencies! They not only tell us the severity, but where the problem is so we go right to it and fix the problem. We will know what is happening with the system in advance of the board or the homeowners even knows there is an issue. We can show a regular report of all the alerts that happening in the system, so we can decide on what needs to be done, if the area does not improve.

Advanced Irrigation Reports

There are numerous irrigation reports that we can provide to Anthem. These reports are phenomenal when we work on water budgets with the community. There are multiple reports that can be pulled from today, last week, and all the way back to three years ago. Just to name a few of the reports that are available with Weather Trak are flow reports, alert reports, custom precipitation reports, sprinkler reports, centralized asset tracking and ET reports. All this information is stored in the cloud with simple, secure management and controlled through SSL.

Water Budgeting Made Easy

We can customize a water usage report and budget based on the data we receive.

Field Knowledge

Having healthy, green plants, grass and trees depends highly on the amount of water they receive. Too much water can make them hydrophobic and kill them just as not enough water will fry them. Having an advanced water system is a great way to get the highest amount of water optimization. However, you need to have an educated staff that not only knows how to run the sophisticated program, but highly experienced field managers and technicians that can do the correct repairs and keep the system running efficiently. At Agave, we have an experienced staff that can do all of that for Anthem. We continually train our staff about how to run effective irrigation. You will have the best on staff to manage your community’s irrigation system. We can prove it to you with our advanced reporting and the efficiency we handle the alerts that come through for the irrigation system. 

Agave is pro-active in providing your community with the highest level of water optimization for your community!