We offer specialized landscape services for HOA, Commercial, or Development Properties.

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Years of Experience

What we do at Agave

We are a full-service landscape company with landscape maintenance, enhancements, tree care, construction and plant salvage. Working with Agave Environmental Contracting is a simple one-step process for all you landscaping needs.


Our clients want their property or community to look clean and beautiful when potential lessees, home buyers, and homeowners drive through. When we receive a contract, we proactively give it a grade for its current maintenance. We then put together a plan that will improve the landscape maintenance, will fit within your budget, and will be the result you are looking for.

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Anyone who is environmentally conscious or has to pay a water bill wants to conserve water for their landscaping. ِWe work with our customers to implement an efficient water plan that will give the community cost savings over time and reduce the need for maintenance, fertilizer application, and fuel use.

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Arbor Services

Our clients often realize that something is off with their current tree trimmer or feel like something may be wrong with their trees. Our arbor care service providers are Certified ISA professionals who will answer any question you have and provide you with qualified estimates for proper tree pruning, removal, and stump removal as well as liability risks.

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Sometimes you need someone to look at your landscaping with fresh eyes. Our enhancement team is ready and able to recognize flaws and areas of improvement on your property or in your community. This division was created to install projects costing less than $250,000 and will help you design and install the landscape you're envisioning for your property.

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Our landscape construction division has successfully installed several large communities throughout the valley. Some of these include Power Ranch, Estrella Mountain, Anthem, and Asante as well as many more. We continue to work with large developers to install landscapes that are within budget and installed to plan.

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Native Plants Salvage

One of Agave’s very first departments was the plant salvage and revegetation department. Agave knows the right way to remove native plant material and plant it again. Our team provides expert tree pruning, side boxing, and continuous maintenance for several weeks, followed by collaring and bottoming, along with final transportation and relocation to a temporary nursery.

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