Native Plant Salvage

The native plant devegetation process follows the native plant inventory. This process includes expert tree pruning, side boxing, and continuous maintenance for several weeks, followed by collaring and bottoming, and finally transportation and relocation to a designated temporary nursery. These plants are then maintained until they are utilized in the landscape installation process.

Depending upon your site needs, Agave can procure additional plant material from our existing inventory and/or sell your excess plant material. We also offer:
● Boundary Staking
● Pruning
● Tree Boxing
● Removal
● Nursery Setup and Maintenance
● Reinstallation
● Native Plant Inventory

As a pioneer in the native plant industry, we provide site analysis that includes plant viability studies and vegetation mapping. This process provides valuable budgetary information for developers, land planners, and engineers, who must sometimes relocate plants or assess which areas are not to be disturbed. This documentation also satisfies the requirements of government agencies, while a survey helps determine the quantity and species of the plants that will survive the salvage process. Landscape architects can then incorporate the inventory into your landscape design. Agave will customize this service to your needs using either manual or Global Positioning Satellite systems.

Our Inventory Services Include:

● Species Inventory
● Valuation
● Mapping