Comprehensive Tree Care Management

Tree Care as a Calling

Our team understands and appreciates tree value in an urban setting. Trees create a sense of magic in our communities. Studies have shown that during stressful times, walking in trees reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. Having healthy trees creates order, beauty, and balance in any community or property, and is also a prime motivation for buyers to lease buildings or buy homes. Here in the valley, they play an important role in providing shade, cleaning the air, reducing erosion, providing our polluted city with oxygen, and trapping greenhouse gases.

Tree care has become a calling for many of us in the landscape maintenance industry, and especially at Agave. It is more than just a career; it is a passion for doing what is right for the trees we work with. We continue to strive toward excellence, utilizing professional development and an extensive network of opportunities available through the International Society of Arboriculture and our local Western Chapter. By keeping up with the world of arboriculture nationally as well as locally, we have grown our technical knowledge about topics of tree care, pest management strategies, and safety standards.

This knowledge came in handy on one of the properties where we perform landscape maintenance, a large commercial property in Phoenix. While the property owners hired Agave to do the maintenance, they hired another contractor to do the tree trimming. As we drove through each day, we noticed an extensive amount of safety issues and violations of ISA regulations, as well as an overall poor trimming job. We could see this was going to create multiple liability issues with the trees, and we informed the manager that we had certified climbers and arborists on staff that could rectify some of these problems we had been observing onsite. The manager was aware of this already and had commented that he needed a certified tree company to come in and amend the safety problems and the trimming issues. We were able to do a complete tree inventory for them, supplying them with a trimming budget for the next three years. We also labeled priority trees for trimming, including trees that had been topped by the previous contractor. They were thrilled with the tree work we performed.

Trees are the most important assets that can exist in a community, and tree care should be an important investment. They need to be cared for, planted correctly, and trimmed properly for them to look full and lush. Regular maintenance is required in urban areas to keep them as assets in the community; in addition, removing trees can be expensive, so it is important to keep them healthy and
living for as long as possible through tree inspection, proper pruning, and mulching.

Tree Inspections

Regular tree inspections are an important part of proper tree maintenance. At Agave, we have several ISA Certified Arborists and a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ), meaning that we are certified to demonstrate professional knowledge in tree risk assessment. We have expanded our knowledge of the fundamentals of tree risk assessment through standardized, systematic processes for assessing tree risk and providing information to tree owners. We promote the safety of people and property to enhance tree health and longevity. Regular inspections catch problems such as disease, insects, and environmental problems before they become too serious to fix. Any abnormalities found during inspections will be immediately addressed and watched carefully to decide what treatment is appropriate.

Mapping and Tree
Investment Calculation

We can provide GIS tree inventories and mapping for any commercial property or community. The tree map can show up to five years of trimming budgets based on priority trees, which serves as an important budgeting item for community and property reserves. This can also help managers decide on how much should be budgeted for the continued care of urban trees.


As ISA Certified Arborists, we follow the ANSI standards in trimming. We stand apart for our dedication and commitment to providing the best pruning for your trees. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture, and adhere to a Code of Ethics that strengthens credibility and reliability in the work we perform.

Tree Removal
and Stump Removal

Usually tree removal is a last resort, but sometimes it needs to be done; in that case, we know how to do it safely and efficiently. Occasionally, trees that grow aggressively, such as Sissoo trees, need to be poisoned to manage continued sprouts before removing. We will assess the tree and let you know what needs to happen before the tree is removed; then, we can provide stump removal after the process is over.

Emergency Tree Care

We understand how damaging tree loss can be and we make a commitment to be there for you when it happens. We once worked with a community that had suffered from a tornado; an 80-foot pine tree had fallen and smashed a car and parking structure, blocking one of the main roads into the community. On the day after Thanksgiving, the community manager called us in, and we were there to
help remove the tree and help get the community back to where it needed to be to resume business during this busy holiday.

Tree loss either through failure or environmental disturbances like monsoon damage can be devastating because now you have lost the asset, and many times it damages property in the process as well. We have an emergency tree management service that is available for any tree damage that occurs. If you hire the Agave Arbor Department to care for your trees, you are hiring people who
know what to do, and will speak for your trees.