Wholesale Nursery Division

Our wholesale nursery grows plants for upcoming construction projects, contract grows, and other landscaping companies. We also trade with other nurseries and supply material for Agave Farms’ retail business. Local commercial and small contractors are a good part of our client base as well, and can give us bids for our products. Our primary location is currently at Agave Farms, which uses the west half of our 17-acre property in uptown Phoenix, but we are constantly growing due to the demand for desert adapted trees and plants in the valley. We source locally as well as out of state, such as Texas,
California, and New Mexico to find plant material for production purposes based on size and quality. This can be anything from seeds, liners, or 1-gallon material to 15-gallon and bare-root trees, which we use to produce future crops and projects.

Our physical nursery has several unique features that separate us from other nurseries. We use a signature blue algae for a supplemental organic fertilizer, which is injected into our irrigation system. We create and blend our own specialty growing medium/substrate through our sister company, Soil, Seed and Water LLC., in Yarnell, Arizona on an old 900-acre dairy farm. All of our fertilizers and mulch are organic, and our composting and vermiculture process is very sophisticated. Our fertigation injection, pump, and filtration systems are fed by our onsite retaining pond, which is supported by SRP canal water. We grow plants and trees that are commonly used in today’s market and frequently requested by architects and owners, rather than trying to grow random varieties and species. Most of the plants are 5 to 15 gallons, but some go up to 25 gallons, based on what sizes are most in demand. The varieties we carry include native plants and trees, roses, cacti, agaves, and succulents.

Nursery Inventory/Availability Lists Coming Soon!