"en el corazon de phoenix"

4300 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85012

O- 602-374-6533

F- 602-346-0394


Agave Farms is an urban agricultural experience in Central Phoenix spread over 17 acres. As a community garden, we provide an agricultural experience to the homeowners of Phoenix by providing space for community events which is free of charge.

We also provide fresh produce, herbs and other edibles to residents, restaurants and chefs.

We grow plants, mix soils and provide them to residents and landscapers.

It is our vision to serve as the keystone for the sustainable transformation of the Phoenix uptown/downtown area. As part of this, we regularly host events such as lectures and workshops with expert speakers from horticulture, landscaping, agriculture, soil management, and the culinary arts.


We have been working to develop this land in the heart of Phoenix since June 2015. The land is on a lease from the owner and it is a temporary land use that has a positive impact on the community.   We work to be responsible stewards of the land by creating value, we do this by creating multiple positive benefits such as:

  • Developing a community space that acts as a green space and contributes to the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

  • Acting as a community space where residents can learn about various topics such as agriculture, soil management, horticulture and the culinary arts.

  • Interim land use that is a positive use of vacant land.

  • We do not compete directly with other community gardens, nurseries, or farms. We view ourselves as being complementary to the existing community gardens and nurseries in the area as we fulfill the need in our neighborhood for a community space.

  • Considering our desert climate and water availability, we try to be as ‘water wise’ with our irrigation and have implemented drip irrigation in our fields.

In accordance with our branding methodology our property although an interim use has enhanced our community in a positive way by beautifying an other wise vacant and unkempt property along the most important arterial Road in Downtown Phoenix (Central Avenue).

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