EAst Valley Director of Maintenance
Scott Cosgrove

International Society of Arborists - WE-8354A
Arizona Certified Landscape Professional
ALCA Certified Irrigation Technician
Sustainable Landscape Management
Pest Management Certified Applicator

Living in Arizona practically his whole life, Scott has grown to appreciate the beauty of Arizona and its diverse landscapes.  When starting in the landscape industry, Scott began pushing a mower and cutting shrubs.  This start, and interest into the how’s and why’s of landscaping, drove his passion towards learning how the landscaping world worked.  As his career progressed into the Landscape Management side, leadership became the next interest of his.  Scott began teaching classes at Industry training events, something he does to this day, as a way to give back to the landscapers of the future.

As Director of Maintenance at Agave Environmental Contracting, Scott shares his expertise and knowledge of the Landscape Industry with both our Community Partners, and throughout our Agave team!