Business Development Manager
Bobbie Potts

Certified Arborist #WE-11574A, Arizona Certified Landscape Professional  A0816-664, Certified Sustainable Landscape Management Professional, and Master Gardener

I am Bobbie Potts and am the Business Development Director for Agave Environmental Contracting. I started in the landscaping business about12 years ago as an administrative assistant. I began to take classes on how to take care of the plants that are unique to the desert. I received many certifications and eventually became a certified arborist. This was important to me because as I develop relationships with HOA Managers, Commercial Managers, and developers, I wanted to be able to speak to them confidently about what we are doing. I have developed a lot of long-lasting friendships over the years. My job is a great because it is different every day.  I get to go out and walk with developers, managers, and board members and discuss the needs of their properties. There are times I get to teach them the things that I know and be able to truly help them with problems they have developed onsite. It feels good to be able to help people. Relationships are important in my business. I need developers and managers to feel like they can trust me and that I can help them with their landscape issues.

Sometimes this can be as simple as a lack of communication. I remember walking with a manager and board in a community. The community’s landscaping looked good and I could not figure out why they were going out to bid. I talked to the manager separately who told me that the company responds or communicates with her on when there are issues. She really needed a company who would not just do a good job but talk to them and know what their plan is. When we received the maintenance for this community, I made sure our maintenance directors were aware that communication is key to keeping part of keeping this contract. Working with the crews and the maintenance director is also an important part of the process in selling a community or property. I need to be able to communicate with them effectively, the expectations, of the developers, managers, and the board., so they can do their job well.

Another great thing about Agave is that we work with Urban Farming Education and AZ food Collaboration. They are organizations that helps people learn how to garden, as well as give them fresh produce.